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Our Services

We offer expertise in a variety of woolen mill services. Contact us about your wool needs.

Custom Carding Services

We process your raw or prewashed fleeces into roving or batts at the following rates:

List of Woolen Mill Services
Washing Raw Fiber
  • Processing at $4.00 per lb
  • Fine fleeces washed at $6.00 per lb
  • Rewashing at $3.25 per lb
  • Minimum order of $15.00 required
  • Wool is weighed after washing to determine the processing weight
Washed Fiber
Spinning Batts
  • Processing at $4.65 per lb
Quilt Batts
  • Processing at $4.65 per lb
Spinning Roving
  • Processing at $4.65 per lb
  • Minimum of 3lb washed weight required for roving
  • Minimum order of $15.00 required
Camelid Fibers
  • Processing at $5.65 per lb
  • We reserve the right to rewash fiber which is too greasy at $3.25 per lb
  • We will always return your own wool to you
  • Items not claimed after 60 days will be charged a $10.00 storage fee
New Quilt Batts
Custom-made Quilt Batts
  • Wool quilt batts at $13.00 per lb
  • Polyester quilt batts at $6.90 per lb
Quilt Ties
  • Quilt batts covered with muslin upon request at $3.49 per yard
  • Quilt batts tied using chosen fabric from inventory at $5.49 per yard
  • Customers can provide their own fabric if desired
Custom Work
  • Billed at $20 per hour
Used Quilt Batts
  • Remove covering/cheesecloth at $20.00
  • Reconditioning involving washing and recarding batts at $4.85 per lb
  • Adding a pound of new wool to compensate for loss during carding process at $13.00 per lb
  • We do not recommend using reconditioned batts in a king-sized quilt
  • We will tie your reconditioned batt into a quilt
Labor Charges
Custom Orders
Custom / Large Quantity
  • Contact us to schedule a custom or large quantity service order


Things to know before ordering:

If you have any questions about your orders or want to talk to us about your woolen mill service needs, please let us know by contacting us.

  • We accept fiber through the mail and UPS
  • We will ship the fiber back via mail, unless you have a preference
  • Roving will be wrapped into approximately 1/2# balls for spinning
  • Include your name, address, phone number, in each bag of fiber you ship
  • Include instructions on how you'd like the wool to be processed
  • When shipping fiber for quilt batts, Include size of batt you prefer (1#, 1 1/2#, 2#, 2 1/2#, 3#, 3 1/2# or 4#, etc.)
  • We prefer payment by Visa/Master Card or check
  • We do our best to pick the fiber apart, but any fiber that is felted will be returned to you, due to our carding machine's limitations
Turn Around Time
  • Average turn around time is between 4-12 weeks, after we have received your fiber
  • Call to find out where your order is in the processing time