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Coopworth Sheep Farm

Our flock is registered with the Coopworth Sheep Society of North America. It is a selected flock with 70% of the ewes and 25% of the rams registered. We have the largest registered flock in North America.

Sheep in our land during winter

The Coopworth is an easy care, productive sheep doing well on pasture. The breed was developed in New Zealand during the 1950's and 60's by crossing Romney ewes with Border Leicester rams.

We breed for their mothering ability, health, wool quality, multiple births and temperament. They perform well in a variety of environments, lamb unassisted, produce a high yielding and mild flavored carcass, shear a long and lustrous fleece preferred by handspinners and show an above average resistance to hoof rot. Our flock is enhanced through A.I. from New Zealand and Australia.

Feeding sheep in winter

The adult ewes average 150 - 185 pounds and the adult ram averages between 175 - 275 pounds.

We have natural white, grey, brown and black fleeces sheep. The wool is well crimped with a bright luster. The micron count ranges from approximately 46-50. The fleeces weigh an average of 8-12 pounds, but a ram's fleece may go higher. Staple length averages 5-8 inches.

The Coopworth is more than a breed; it is a philosophy. Please call or e-mail for available breeding stock.

These pictures are some of our replacement lambs, grazing on pasture. The lambs are for our flock and for sale.

Lamb in our barn

Our lambs are well monitored, vaccinated and vetted as needed. Paul, the shepherd of our flock, has great influence in the effort to take great "sheep shots". Just ask him to yell "SHEEP" and they come arunning! The trick is to be prepared and snap shots quickly, as if he doesn't move them to fresh pasture, they lose interest quickly.