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There's Never a Lull

Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 | By: Carol Wagner

Even in the middle of this (unseasonably warm) winter, Hidden Valley Farm and Woolen Mill is busy, busy, busy. The fall events have ended, the Christmas season is over, and as we wait for spring, we’re getting ready for all that the new season entails; lambing, carding, and all things wool related.

With lambing starting in late March, all of the sheep need to be shorn early in the month.  The fleeces will be available March 15th.  It’s so funny to watch as our puffy ewes always come out as a skinny shadow of their former selves.  As cute as the lambs are, (and they are cute when they start racing around), we’re not looking forward to having to get up several times a night to go down to the barn and make sure everybody’s okay.  Luckily it only lasts...a month and a half.

Meanwhile, we are washing and dying wool, and blending new colors for the show season.  We will have an assortment of new purples and blues, for both rovings and yarns.  Homespun and hand knit always makes the best gifts.  For all of you who can’t put your knitting needles down, or step away from the spinning wheel, be sure to check them out online!

We also have plenty of customers orders to stay on top of, both carding and comforters.  Don’t forget, at Hidden Valley we can turn your own fleeces into rovings and quilt batts, and we can turn those quilt batts into quilts and comforters.  Imagine, spinning your own wool, and sleeping under your own fleece!  

To see all of our new creations, check out our product page.  We’ll be sure to add more as we approach spring - because there’s never a lull at the farm.